Since the early 1800s the Pellegrini family has been cultivating the olive trees of their land with love and dedication, producing a highly prized oil with exceptional nutritional and organoleptic properties.

  • Tradition
  • Passion
  • Innovation


The historical memory of the family dates back to Rodolfo Pellegrini, who passed on from father to son, up to the current fifth generation, all the love and dedication for the cultivation of the olive tree. The production of oil is in fact a combination of tradition and innovation, a fundamental combination for passing on and affirming the product over the years.


Today the Pellegrini family boasts, in addition to the agricultural reality, also an important group of companies ranging from cultivation to processing, up to the final marketing of Natural and Organic vegetable oils, and is able to provide a wide range of products with complete traceability from field to table.

On your tables

We bring our products to tables all over the world.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not eaten well.

( Virgina Woolf )

Raw material
Km zero

Zero km agriculture is a philosophy of eco-sustainability: cooperation of local producers, on the link with the territory, on the rediscovery and protection of local products and ancient flavors.

Green Energy

Pellegrini Srl is very sensitive to pollution, and to eco-sustainable projects (Green) related to energy consumption. The company has made agreements to reduce the consumption of electricity with the project called "VIRTUOUS SAVINGS".